Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Ms. G Strikes Again

A couple posts ago, I mentioned my fifth grade arch-nemesis, Ms. G. Here’s an animatic I created for a college assignment. We had to create an animatic with 30 drawings (a minute per drawing). This interaction between Ms. G and I was not as positive. I think this was the only confrontation I've had in my life. If the ghost of Ms. G is listening, please cover your ears. Also, her name has been changed to protect her identity. Note: The audio is low, so be sure to turn up the volume.


Julie said...


This is great and we laughed our asses off. We had no idea you did this. Hopefully we can catch up soon.

Julie and Jon

Jed T. said...


I remember that day in Stanley School. HAHAHA! Ms. G ... what the hell is she up to .. if she is alive?

By the way, your website kicks ass man.