Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Global Warming 101

So I have been trying to promote the heck out of my PSA, The Sky is Falling. In doing so, I talked to the entire Swampscott High once! I gave a talk about my art, the PSA, and global warming. I put together a little slide show to help illustrate my points. Here's the beginning of the talk:

Well, who am I to talk about global warming if...


The reason why I'm here is because everyone can play a roll in educating others...even cartoonists! When I was doing my research for my PSA, I realized that many people don't know what global warming is, so here's a little Global Warming 101!

Here's an example all of you can understand. This is Jimmy. He's a typical Swampscott High School student. It's a 90 degree day and he's chilling out in a tank top and shorts. He's looking good.

Now...It's still 90 degrees and he adds two layers of clothes. He begins to sweat and feel dizzy.

Now he puts on an Eskimo snow suit! His body begins to rebel. He's nauseous, sweating profusely, and his bodily systems begin to shut down...he's about to pass out! The extra layering (like the thickening C02) is trapping in all the heat and disturbing the natural bodily processes...just like what's happening to the Earth.

There were about ten more slides that discussed topics such as CO2 emissions, electricity usage, and simple solutions that even someone like "Jimmy" could do to help make a difference. I put the whole presentation together over the weekend, and gave the chat on Monday AM. It was a great experience to talk to so many young folks. If anyone is interested in seeing the rest, drop me an email, and I'll happily share it.


James Arthur O'Brien said...

is there a tape of this lecture?


You're awesome! Only you have the balls to parody Al Gore to High School Students.

Dave Schlafman said...

Hey Jamie-

Of course there's a tape! (courtesy of The Swampscott High School Cable Club) Once I get it, I'll upload it to my blog.

caseyleonard said...

why does jimmy have stink lines? will global warming ban deodarant? how will we stay fresh? j/k this is really great work, dave. congrats!