Monday, November 26, 2007

Philippe and Pierre...Animated

Since I left Soup 2 Nuts, I have been directing a series of short animations (30 sec-1 minue) that are going to debut on the web. It's a collaboration with Mike Levine and Pileated Pictures. The goal is to turn these into something bigger...maybe interstitials...maybe a series of shorts for TV. We're about two months into production and we just finished animating the fourth episode. Here is a test loop that the team whipped up. Stay tuned as we move closer to completing the shorts.


Ryan said...

That looks great. Any chance of sharing the files or techniques? Looks like some cool things going on there...lookin' forward to it

Dave Schlafman said...

Hey Ryan-

There are too many processes involved to share the files. When I'm done with the spots and the website is up, I'll post the production techniques one step at a time. If you have specific questions, drop me an email. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

looks great except you forgot the head