Saturday, January 12, 2008

Al Gore Shout Out

Evan Sussman, my good friend and collaborator grew up in Tennessee. Al Gore was just named TN Man on the Year. Evan's parents read this article about Gore and sent it to him.

Here's cool part:

Flipping open his laptop to an "Ecospot" on Current TV's Web site brought sparkle to his often serious demeanor.

The just-over-2-year-old cable and satellite nonfiction network is rooted in viewer-created content and citizen journalism.

It boasts 51 million paying subscribers and is "aimed at giving a voice to the average person who has not had a way to break into the conversation of democracy on television," said Gore, who is the network's chairman.

He began searching on the computer for the grand winner out of about 3,000 entries in a competition for television ads to educate people on the climate issue.

An animated feature popped up showing a city with smoke pouring from stacks and heavy traffic. Car horns beeped and then an elephant dropped from the sky, squashing a vehicle.

"In 2005, the U.S. released 6.1 billion tons of carbon dioxide into the air," the clip reads, referring to metric tons.

More elephants fall. "That's 1.2 billion elephants," it says. A man looks at the mayhem and then shrugs. An elephant falls on him.

"It's time to stop ignoring the 1.2 billion elephants in the room," the clip ends.

Gore, smiling broadly, chuckles.

"Madison Avenue wouldn't have come up with that," he said.


James Arthur O'Brien said...

You made Al Gore chuckle. That's good for your resume.

Meg said...

that's pretty amazing dave, we still need to have dinner!

Honkbarn said...

The best thing about your work is how truly awesome it is! I'm now a big fan.