Friday, March 14, 2008

Journal Entry from July 15th, 1997

I was reading through some of my old journals from the last ten years. Up until the last year, I wrote consistently since I was in high school. It's amazing to think of your life as over 500 pages of words. Weird. I came across one entry that stood out to me. It took place the summer before I entered my senior year of high school...not having too much direction. I didn't change anything about this entry except for some spelling mistakes (before I owned my first MAC).

TUESDAY, JULY 15, 1997
Today I saw the Disney movie, Hercules. It was such a fun movie! My jaw was nearly hanging during the entire film...and the animation was completely over-the-top. It was just amazing. This movie helped me understand the value of artwork, but specifically animation. I'm now thinking about art school. I think I have the talent and the ideas, but now I have to put them to use. My brother put it a good way. He said, "Working for Disney or Nick is like going pro in sports". He's so right and that's the route I want to take. My dream is now to work for an top-notch entertainment company making cartoons.

It's funny reading that now. It's especially funny because the following year I went to the University of Massachusetts to study political science. It took me another two years to realize what I was meant to do. I'm glad I came to that decision, even if took me a little longer.

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Bob Flynn said...

Funny, Dave. Thanks for sharing. I honestly can't remember NOT wanting to make cartoons...Though my first concrete "proud of myself" moment was when I realized I could draw ninja turtles.