Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Monster Squad Continues

I've been puttering away on the Monster Squad Series for Penguin. Over the last week, I cleaned up the 3rd book cover and finished 20 interior concept sketches for the 2nd installment. Below are the fruits of my labor.

The layout for book 3...Design by Meagan Bennett:

The cleaned-up and colored cover image:

Samples of the Book 2 interior sketches:


Bouman said...

very funny the tongue eye, he he, congrats is a fantastic work!

Bob Flynn said...

I second the tongue-eye. I guess teeth eyes wouldn't make a ton of sense. You manage to cram eyes in every crevice.

Julia Denos said...
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Julia Denos said...

Ooops..Hi Dave!

Really cool to see some of the interiors for the Squad too...especially loving the crabby lamp hiding in there-so many details in those interiors! really neat