Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Playing around

Work has been slow due to the whole holiday thing. I've been drawing quite a bit in my sketchbook and experimenting with color/handmade textures in Photoshop. The process is pretty straight forward: I doodle in my sketchbook, scan the linework into the CPU, and add color/textures in Photoshop. Here are a few images I played with this week. I included the original doodle for the first image, so you can see where these started.

Have a happy, healthy, and creative 2009!


KISONI said...

Nice blog as well as nice work. Wish you a very happy new year in all the way.

Elizabeth said...

het there! grrreat job! your scetches are love@ first sight! hahah
they remind me of a tv cartoon series called'' the replacements''
oh my god!? tell me it' s yours! they' re awesome anyway... check out ours too@
thanx in advance
Happy New year!!!

Bob Flynn said...

Looks great, Dave! The background for the robot works best, because it feels very grounded to what's going on in the illustration.

Dave Schlafman said...

Thanks for the comments everyone!

I totally agree with you Bob! It's been fun to see what works and does not when experimenting. Hopefully I'll have some time in next few weeks, but once next week comes, free time will be harder to come by ;)

Lindsay said...

That robot. I love heem.

Trevor Piecham said...

sweet work dude! are those bg's completely made in photoshop? Did you scan any watercolors?

happy new years!